Rule 4: Alcohol- Just say no for 6 weeks.

If you don’t drink, this is a no brainer. If you rarely drink, maybe skip this one, no biggie.

But, sometimes those of us who enjoy a few glasses of wine or a few beers or a few whatevers can find ourselves perhaps tipping the glass too often.

Wife and I are guilty of that lately. Our drink of choice is wine. A couple of glasses probably a few too many times a week recently. Never before driving or anything like that. We understand how it becomes a ritual in relation to stress: unwinding with a couple of glasses of wine together across the dinner table is indeed awesome.

But it’s become more of a habit than we’d like since Thanksgiving(ish), so we are just saying no for 6 weeks. After that the plan will be to limit wine to weekend nights only, if we go back to drinking wine at all 😉

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