Day 2 / 42. How the second day of the 6 week reset went.

On day 2, let’s talk about rule 2. Makes sense, right?

Rule 2. Lift reasonably heavy at least 3x a week, w at least 3 conditioning workouts each week (can stack one of each on any given day)

Strength training works. I am not going to bother proving that here. It helps build and maintain muscle mass. This is important for longevity and getting shit done. Also looks good.

Conditioning works. It helps improve endurance and heart health. Helps increase your metabolism. Also get you ready for sports. I play ice hockey and do short off-road triathlons. So I vary my conditioning workouts around that. Sometimes it’s hard intervals. Sometimes it’s “Zone 2” aerobic training. Sometimes it’s agility and movement type stuff. I mix it up and go by feel.

I love this kind of stuff. I am one that needs to be wary of over training (I’m turning 53 soon as I write this). So for me nailing 6 workouts a week will be easy.

I have a few authorities that I look to in my training. Look them all up if you want. I get a lot of my workout programming from Mike Matthew at Legion Athletics. Very well researched and common sense approach. I also like advice from Brad Kearns and his books / podcasts. My wife and I have a online membership and stream some of those workouts when we train together. We like Amoila Ceasar, Sagi Kalev, and Autumn Calabrese in there. I’m also a CSCS (look it up) so I know how to synthesize training programming.

I have a gym at home. It’s at most 250 sq feet in our basement. We have a bench, olympic set, full rack of dumbbells and kettlebells, a treadmill and a road bike on a trainer (not a peloton in case you are wondering.)

I also have a rack, oly set and adjustable dumbbells at my office so I can do strength workouts there.

The General Spilt I like for training is 3 hard workouts along Mike Matthews’s approach: Upper Push, Upper Pull, and Legs. I generally do the Upper Push Workouts and the Upper Pull workouts at the office on Mondays and weds/thurs. Legs is almost always on Sunday. About 4 conditioning workouts get spread out with that, usually a couple of morning during the week, and Saturday / Sunday. This is just what works for us.

Eating was easy peasy, I’ll copy it into here when I get a chance.

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