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Burn fat with intense intervals.

My buddy Mike and I rode some steep hill intervals in Sedalia, Colorado this past Sunday. While we happen to love riding mountain bikes, it takes a little work to love riding up steep hills. You kind of need to convince yourself that pushing hard is fun.

But the truth is, this type of intensity is important for guys as they get older. Most of us rarely do anything that’s physically intense anymore. But letting that red-line stuff go is what starts the drop in testosterone that a lot of guys experience as they move into their 40s.

So right now, you need to think of some kind of exercise that you’d enjoy doing intensely, even though it kind of feels like it sucks when you’re doing it – whether it’s heavy lifting, riding a mountain bike up hill, a steep hike, even driving golf balls (you need to try to hit them far). These things will help you drop fat and be awesome.

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