Guys over 40, there are 3 main types of stress that can really screw you up

Guys over 40, there are 3 main types of stress that can screw your health up big time. This can be the underlying reason why you feel fatigued, irritable, and fat. Do you know what they are?

1. Dietary Stress. Most guys don’t realize that eating crap is a type of stress that can screw you up. Also, eating food that your body doesn’t react well to, like dairy and wheat can cause stress inside your body.

2. Inflammation. A lot of guys have hidden inflammation in their bodies, whether it’s from injuries, surgeries, old infections (like getting sick in Mexico for example). These hidden sources of inflammation can drive your stress hormones sky high, and over time my cause your sex hormones to drop, along with your energy, your libido, and health.

3. Emotional Stress. Tough guys don’t cry, right? But life can still be hard. Life stress like deaths, divorces, bad relationships with spouses and kids, and financial issues can really take a toll on a guy’s health.

The path to restoring your Warrior Within begins by taking an honest look at yourself and seeing if you need to improve any of these areas. (Photo courtesy of stockimages at

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