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Guys over 40 need a hobby to keep them healthier

Just remember this – guys over 40 need something to get away from the stress. The stress drives healthy hormones, the hobbies bring it back up. For me, it’s racing off-road triathlon (even if I’m not great at it). For you it can be whatever you want. But it does matter.

That’s me in the picture, running as fast as I ever have. You see, when I go in to these races, my main goal is to beat my time from the year before. And I knew it was going to be close that year.

And the truth is, I kind of don’t give a crap if I’m slow. By having these races to target my training, diet, and lifestyle around has let me drop 15 pounds without really trying to lose weight. This is much easier than trying to lose weight for the sake of losing weight. I suggest that all of my patients pick a sport -any sport – that they have an interest in performing well Then architect your lifestyle around that sport. Try it!

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