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Guys over 40 – 3 foods that will cause a low sex drive (and drop your T)

1. Soy, of any kind. Guys should never eat soy, not drink soy milk eat tofu or any other kind of soy. Why? Well, soy contains compounds that mimic estrogen. This can drop T levels, and literally push you down the path of becoming more womanly.

2. Sugar at night. Fat makes estrogen. And nothing makes you fat like sugar at night. Any kind of ice cream, cookies, whatever after dinner is going straight to your gut and turning on your more feminine side. Keep your T high by just saying no. If you’re hungry after dinner you probably didn’t eat enough meat.

3. Friggin’ fruit smoothies.These things are just a ton of sugar, too much sugar again makes fat. Fat makes estrogen and this can lower your T. If you have one of those power blenders at home, try blending up some vegetables and choke them down like a man.

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